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Earth is home to a natural, nutritional powerhouse, well known for its exceptional health benefits. A tiny form of algae, millions of years old. This microscopic aquatic organism (0.3mm long) named Arthrospira platensis although more commonly known as Spirulina, is a cyanobacterium, one of the oldest life forms on earth. Like plants, it survives thanks to photosynthesis, naturally thriving in alcaline lakes and salt water in the worlds hottest regions.


Spirulina: what is it all about?

• Spirulina contains the highest proportion of protein, iron, vitamin B12 and beta-carotene of any known nutritional product.
• It is twice as rich in high-quality plant proteins as soya.
• It contains as much vitamin E as wheatgerm.
• It is one of the few nutritional products to contain gamma-linolenic acid.
• It contains as much calcium, phosphorus and magnesium as milk.
• Its chlorophyll content is among the highest of any plant.

How is SAHELIENNE Spirulina sold?

SAHELIENNE Spirulina is sold in flakes, tablets and 500mg capsules. The product comes in attractive, brushed aluminium bottles, with a food-safe interior coating; a quality, elegant and re-usable pack. We also offer refill packs in the form of sealable zip-close bags.

How to take SAHELIENNE Spirulina?

The traditional quantities are 3-5g, taken in the morning or during the day, with a glass of water or preferably a glass of fruit juice, rich in vitamin C.

= 1g 2 SAHELIENNE Spirulina capsules = 1g
= 3g 1 teaspoon of SAHELIENNE Spirulina flakes = 3g
= 1g 2 SAHELIENNE Spirulina tablets = 1g


Benefits and virtues of spirulina. Spirulina helps:

• Counter anxiety and stress.
• Boost sex-drive.
• Maintain a regular weight, when accompanied by a suitable diet.
• Deal with menstruation and the menopause.
• Overcome nutritional deficiencies linked to vegetarian diet.
• Regulate insulin levels.
• Reduce cholesterol.
• Boost energy levels.
• Detoxify the body.
• Stengthen the immune system.
• Prevent nutritional deficiencies such as anaemia.
• Reduce the effects of aging.
• Add shine to hair and nails.
• Increase endurance, improve recovery.